AGENDA: for January 5, 2013 Meeting


SCHEDULED FOR JANUARY 5, 2013, 10:00 am at the Camarillo Public Library.

The following items will be discussed. If a class member member wants to comment on any agenda item, use the link above to submit it.

1. Reports from Rita and Tommie regarding information they've gathered about potential venues.

A. Choose at least two, possibly three, venues as primary and alternates.

B. Pick tentative dates based on information from venues.

2. Update from Fred regarding set-up of reunion checking account.

A. Designate a co-signer.

3. Report from Phil regarding his email and snailmail campaigns to collect new, and/or to confirm and update, contact information from class members for the database.

4. Discuss suggestions the committee has received regarding whether to hire a DJ to play dance music, or to forego dancing and simply provide quiet background music that allows attendees to mingle and talk without shouting.

5. Discuss dining options:

A. Full service sit down dinner;

B. Buffet style dinner;

C. Appetizers and desserts, beverages only.

6. Discuss special diet requirements available with dining options (i.e., low salt, low fat, no sugar, etc.).

7. Discuss suggestion regarding aday after picnic.

A. Discuss tentative locations for the picnic.

8. Discuss door prizes, special recognition.

9. New business, other items for future research and discussion.


Posted January 1, 2013


Ron and Virginia Boll have resigned from the planning committee to devote their time to a personal family issue.

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