MINUTES OF MEETING: February 2, 2013

OHS Class of ’63 Planning Committee


February 2, 2013, 10:00 am

at the Camarillo Public Library

Committee members present: Fred Clay, Phil Corpus, Rita Hernandez, Tommie Borroel

I.The committee determined what expenses will be used to calculate the “per-person registration fee” and determined the following items will affect the total reunion cost:

A.Dining/beverages. The committee decided the "Deluxe Theme Buffet" will be served by the Marriott.

B. Disc Jockey. Rita will report the total cost for a DJ at the next meeting.

C. Decorations: Rita and Tommie will handle the decoration and will submit an estimated cost at the next meeting.

D. Other expenses. Postage, stationery and name tags, and other miscellaneous costs will be estimated based upon feedback from classmates’ responses to Phil’s email and postal mail campaigns.

II.The committee opened preliminary discussion regarding additional event set-up and activities (subject to changes):

A. Reunion evening schedule:

1. Check-in and attendee photos are tentatively scheduled for 5:30 pm, with a happy hour following until the buffet is opened.

2. The buffet dinner call is tentatively scheduled for 7:00 pm. Per the Marriott, the buffet will remain set-up for two hours.

3. Open mike, individual recognitions, awarding of door prizes, etc., will occur randomly throughout the evening.

4. Dancing is scheduled to start at 9:00 pm.

III.The committee discussed additional planning items:

A.Music playlist & schedule:The committee will build a playlist togive to the DJ. As discussed previously, the DJ will be asked to play low volume “background” music until 9:00 pm.

B.Room set-up:Fred will contact and work with the Marriott event staff to set up the room and tables.

C.Table set-up:Fred and Rita will work with the Marriott staff todetermine the color of table cloths and napkins. Marriott provides “generic”centerpieces.

D.Check-in table:The placement of the check-in table will be determined later. Rita and Tommie are tentatively scheduled to serve as greeters.

E.Name tags:Preliminary design & production of name tags will discussed later.

F.Attendee photos: Phil plans to set-up his camera to take photos of attendees as they arrive and check-in.

G.Signs, banners, displays & decorations:These items, which are subject to Marriott restrictions, will be determined later. Fred will coordinate with the Marriott activity planning director.

H.Memorial display of deceased class members: A memorial board will be set-up to remember classmates who have passed away.

I.Dress code: As in the past, “casual, but elegant.” Basically, no shorts, flip-flops, tee shirts, or tank tops.

J.Door prizes: Several classmates have already volunteered to provide door prizes. This item will be placed on a later agenda.

K.Reunion Memory Book:Suggested content, length of individual submissions, how to submit, how to distribute will be discussed later.

L.Photo CD/DVD of pictures taken during the evening:Phil will produce and distribute a photo CD of the Reunion evening, and will report back to the committee his plans.

M.Day-After Picnic:The committee has tentatively decided to plan a “Day After Picnic” at Eastwood Park. The pot-luck picnic will be open to ALL classmates and their families.

N.Hotel room information:The Marriott is holding a block of rooms for out-of-town attendees. Information about room reservations will be included with the Reunion Registration Form and posted on the Reunion website.

O.SpecialRecognition categories:The committee discussed giving awards for farthest travel, most grandchildren, most hair, least hair, etc.?

P.Other items suggested by committee members:None




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