MINUTES OF MEETING: January 5, 2013

OHS Class of ’63 Planning Committee


JANUARY 5, 2013, 10:00 amat the Camarillo Public Library.


Supplemental Minutes of January 8, 2013 onsite inspection of The Residence Inn venue.

MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:Fred Clay, Phil Corpus, Rita Hertzstein (Hernandez), Tomasa Borroel

ABSENT:Sharon Carlson (Dawson)


1. Rita and Tommie reported their findings regarding information they've gathered about potential

venues. Fred read email from Ron Boll regarding the information Ron gathered about The Crown Plaza

in Ventura.

A. After discussing and comparing each venue (cost, room size, deposit requirements, etc.), the

committee decided the best location appears to be ʻThe Residence Inn by Marriottʼ at the River

Ridge Golf Course in Oxnard.

B. Rita reported The Residence Inn had two dates available in September and that the Event

Manager had placed a one week courtesy hold on September 21, 2013 for our Reunion.

C. Subject to a site inspection by the full committee, and review of contract terms, the committee

decided The Residence Inn will be the primary choice.

2. Fred reported he had done some preliminary paperwork on setting up the “OXNARD HIGH SCHOOL

CLASS OF ʼ63” checking account at his local Wells Fargo Bank branch, and that a co-signer needed to

be chosen.

A. It was decided that Rita would be co-signer on the checking account and that she and Fred

would go a local Well Fargo branch to complete the paperwork.

B. Immediately following the meeting at the library, Fred Clay and Rita (Hernandez)

Herzstein went to the Camarillo branch of Wells Fargo Bank and completed the paperwork to

establish the reunion committee bank account.

C. The account required a minimum initial deposit of $150.00, which Fred Clay loaned to thecommittee.

This amount will be returned to Fred after all the reunion bills have been settled.

D. Classmates, and others, will be advised to make checks out to: OHS Class of 63

E. Wells Fargo provided an initial supply of 8 "temporary" checks that have the proper account

numbers imprinted. However, we would need to order "permanent" checks in order to have the

committee name, address, etc. appear on them. Fred Clay will investigate this (cost, etc.) and

report back to the committee.

3. Phil advised the committee about the status his email and snailmail campaigns to collect new, and/or

to confirm and update, contact information from class members for the database.

A. Two email notices have been sent, and a third will be sent shortly. Only a few email messages

bounced back, indicating the majority of email addresses in the database are valid.

B. A “snailmail” (postal mail) announcement will be sent to all class members who DO NOT have

an email address listed in the database. The announcement will be similar to the email


4. The committee discussed suggestions received from class members regarding whether to hire a DJ to

play dance music, or to forego dancing and simply provide quiet background music that allows

attendees to mingle and talk without shouting.

A. Rita and Tommie believe a DJ should be hired and dancing be included. Rita will research the hiring of a


B. Based on Ritaʼs description of The Residence Innʼs floorplan, Phil suggested it may be

possible to place a dance floor at on end of the room, and direct the music away from the main

table area.

C. It was suggested that dancing be scheduled later in the evening (after 9:00 pm).

D. Rita advised there is a lobby area with fireplace outside the room where attendees could


5. Rita submitted a copy of The Residence Innʼs menu, and the committee discussed dinner options:

A. It was decided there would be a “cash” bar.

B. The sit-down, plated dinner option has the lowest per person cost.

C. The menu includes several ʻthemeʼ based buffet dinners. Per person cost is higher than a sit

down plated dinner.

D.Appetizers and dessert items are individually chosen and priced per piece.

E. The final decision will be made after further review and a meeting with the Event Manager.

6.The committee decided to inquire about special diet requirements with the Event Manager.

7. The committee discussed and decided a day after picnic will be included as an additional event. A

park will be chosen that is close to The Residence Inn. The picnic will be a no-host, “bring your own

basket, drinks, and chairs” event.

A. The picnic will be held the day after the Reunion dinner at The Residence Inn.

B. Possible park sites suggested are Eastwood Park and Sierra Linda Park.

8. Door prizes will be awarded. Some attendees have already volunteered to provide door prizes, and

itʼs expected more will be donated.

9. New business, other items for research and future discussion.

A. A “50th Reunion Memory Book” was suggested and will be included in future planning. All

class members will be solicited for information to be included in the book.

B. The committee will obtain information regarding a block of rooms at the Reunion venue.

C. Rita will contact the Ventura County Star about insertion of a Reunion announcement in the


D. The next committee meeting is scheduled for February 23, 2013. Tentatively, it will be held at

Ritaʼs house.

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