MINUTES OF MEETING: January 8, 2013: On-Site Inspection at The Residence Inn


On site inspection: January 8, 2013 at The Residence Inn

Given the time limit of the courtesy hold at The Residence Inn,the committee decided it would meet at with the Event Manager, Shaye Hay, on Tuesday,January 8, 2013 at 11:00 am, to inspect the venue and gather more information.

PRESENT:Fred Clay, Phil Corpus, and Tommie Borroel

The venue is a large room divided into three sections by sliding walls. Each section seats 40-60

people at round tables ( 5-6 tables per section; 8-10 people per table). One end section allows room for a dance floor

and places the DJ at one end of the room (at previous reunions at the Lobster Trap Restaurant,

the DJ was situated in the middle of the room).

If a buffet dinner is chosen, the serving tables will be set up in the lobby area outside the dining

area, as will the cash bar. The Event Manager advised she could arrange for stand up tables to

be placed in the lobby area for people to gather and talk. This will give attendees a quieter area

to talk, if necessary.

The buffet is set out for two hours, allowing late arriving attendees to serve themselves. This is

an advantage for the buffet versus a sit down dinner.

The Event Manager extended her courtesy hold until February 23, 2013. She will call Fred if

another organization inquires about the venue and give him first right of refusal.

The Event Manager advised she would ask the hotelʼs Sales Manager to contact the committee

regarding a courtesy block of rooms with a discounted rate for Reunion attendees.

The Event Manager will email the contract for committee review.

After the committeeʼs inspection, and considering the hotel staffʼs helpfulness, it was decided The

Residence Inn provides for all our Reunion needs. Pending a review of the contract terms, the

committee decided The Residence Inn is the best venue for our 50th Reunion.

The tentative date isSeptember 21, 2013.

To cover all reunion costs, and to set a per person fee, a 100 attendee count will be used as a

baseline for initial planning purposes. After the date and time are set, an announcement will be

sent to all class members.

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