OHS Class of ’63 Planning Committee


May 4, 2013, 10:00 am

at the MarriottResidence Inn, Oxnard

Call meeting to order.

Committee members present: Fred Clay, Phil Corpus, Rita Hernandez (Herzstein), Tommie Borroel


1. The committee discussed and identified expenses related to the reunion. After estimating a total cost, it was determined, assuming a minimum of 100 attendees, a registration fee of $59.00 per person would cover all costs.

2. The committee heard a report from Phil regarding his email and postal mail campaigns to collect and update current contact and email information from class members. Phil reported that both campaigns resulted in several corrected mailing addresses and phone numbers, and the addition of 27 new email addresses. Unfortunately, 15 envelopes were returned as “undeliverable as addressed,” and the names will be added to the “missing” list.

3.The committee set a preliminary event time schedule for registration and check-in, attendee photo, happy hour, dinner, “open mic” time, special recognitions, door prizes, dancing, etc. Check-in and individual/couple photos will start at 5:00 pm and the buffet will be open from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. A detailed schedule will be posted on the website later.

4. The committee met with the Marriott event coordinator and toured the venue. The event coordinator advised where the buffet and cash bar will be set up. She also reviewed the contract cut-off dates with the committee. After discussion, the committee chose the best location for the registration table and photo backdrop. The committee also set cut-off dates for registration and cancellation to assure compliance with contract requirements. Registration forms sent to class members will include these dates.

5. The location of the class memorial board and DJ set-up will be determined later.

6. Phil reported the cost of name tags and pin holders, and the committee authorized the purchase of 200 sets.

7.Phil reported the names of classmates volunteering to provide items for door prizes. Tommie volunteered to donate the tickets for door prize tickets. The tickets will be handed out when attendees register.

8. The committee discussed the “Reunion Memory Book.” All Class of ’63 members will be asked to contribute a short narrative about their lives since graduation, family, memories about high school, travels, etc.

9. Phil outlined what the “50thReunionPhoto Disc” will contain. The disc will contain the attendee photos, candid photos taken during the evening, and a PDF copy of the “Reunion Memory Book.” Phil will also ask other attendees to provide copies of their candid photos taken during the evening and include them on the disc.

10. Phil outlined how classmates can obtain a copy of the Photo disc and/or the Memory Book. The “Memory Book” will be in PDF document format and will be available for free, by email only, to class members with an email address. The Photo Disc, including a PDF copy of the “Memory Book,” will cost $5.00 (to cover the cost of materials, envelopes and postage), and is separate from the Reunion registration fee. Both items will be available to all class members, whether or not they attend the reunion.

11.The committee discussed recognition categories that will be announced during the evening. Categories will include farthest travel, most grandchildren, most hair, least hair, etc. A final decision will be made later.

12. The committee decided tentatively that the “Day-After Picnic” will be held at Eastwood Park. All classmates will be invited to attend. It will be a “bring your own picnic basket, drinks, and chairs” event.


1. Rita suggested a raffle wherein attendees buy a raffle ticket for $5.00. A drawing will be held during the evening and the winning ticket will be awarded 50% of the total ticket proceeds. The balance of the raffle proceeds will be placed in the Reunion account to help offset future Reunion expenses. The committee took the suggestion under advisement for future discussion and planning.

2. The committee chose the Marriot’s “Vineyard Buffet” for dinner, and requested the Marriott to substitute tri-tip for pork on the buffet menu. The Marriott Event Coordinator agreed to do so and advised there is no price difference. Fred will confirm this in writing.

3. Fred will contact BiBi (Rosemary Cheveres) about updating and bringing the Memorial Board of classmates who have passed away.

4. The committee decided anyone wanting to speak during the ‘open mic’ period will fill out a registration card during check-in. Individual speaking time will be restricted to three minutes.



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